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Fia. 18. I long to see the world and to one day be 5 feet tall.



my story

Please please please pray for Lucas. His lung collapsed during a physical therapy session three days ago, and he’s in the hospital. He’s been mostly unconscious since the incident. I’ve been one of his only visitors because he has no family around. Any prayers, good vibes, or positive thoughts will do. I just really want him to get better. I’ve been reading his favorite book in the Bible, Song of Songs. I’ve been reading T.S. Eliot poetry and singing him some of his favorite songs. Most of all I’ve been praying that God will let him push through this.

Please, I’m begging all of my followers to keep him in your thoughts. I’ll update you all when he gets better (I am determined he’ll get better). Until then, please pray or leave him positive messages to come back to or something. Anything.

Thank you all who take the time to do something for him, even if it’s as simple as “God, please heal Lucas”. Really, I am grateful for anything you guys can provide in this worrisome situation.


Just thought I’d give you a throwback to 2 years ago. I’m kind of sad I gave the training and fitness competitions up. But I’m still just as comfortable with the way my body looks and couldn’t be more pleased knowing I’m in shape.

Ugh I miss looking like this

(via aesopstops)

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